General information about the '76 to '79 Cadillac Seville. Subjects are "Seville history", "Cadillac colors", "Seville VIN's" and "Seville engines".

Did you know.....

that the name Seville was first used in the Cadillac lineup in 1956?
The Eldorado Seville was the hardtop version of the convertable Eldorado Biarritz.

that the name Seville was not used between 1961 and 1974?

that the main reason for Cadillac to introduce the Seville was to compete Mercedes-Benz?

that the corporate X-body was used as a basis for the Seville because of budget restrictions imposed by the GM management?

that the changes to the X-body were so drastic that an all new designation was given to the body: the K-body?

that the Seville that was introduced in 1975 was 27" shorter, 8" narrower and 800 lbs lighter than the regular De Ville?

that the Seville that was introduced in 1975 featured Oldsmobile's proven 350 cid V8, but was now equipped with electronic fuel injection, an industry first on the American market?

that the Seville in 1975 was the smallest Cadillac, but at a list price of $12,479 it was the most expensive too (except for limited production Fleetwood 75 Series)?

that in 1977, the Seville received its much asked for rear disk brakes?

that the second generation of Sevilles was no-way-in-between car? Those who loved, loved it tremendously, those who hated it, hated it as much.

that the second generation of Sevilles had many improvements over the first generation? E.g. front wheel drive and independent rear suspension.

that in 1979, the Seville became available with a diesel engine? Unfortunately these 350 cid V8's were soon renowned for being troublesome and unreliable.

that the V8-6-4, as introduced in 1981 seemed a very good idea on the drawing board, however in practice it was a disaster. Many owners cut two wires to override the computer, so that the engine would always work in the 8 cylinder mode.

that the first Sevilles produced between April 1975 (a total of 16,355) to the close of the 1976 model year were the only Cadillac's to use the Chevrolet passenger car wheelbolt pattern (5 lugs with a 4.75 in bolt circle)?

that the Seville was manufactured in Iran under the brand of "Cadillac Iran" during 1970s and 1980s, by Pars Khodro, which was known as "Iran General Motors" in 1970s?

that the Oldsmobile 350 cid V8 produced 180 hp and performance was restrained with the 60 mph sprint taking 11.5 seconds?

that as of 1978, the Seville was available in the Elegante version? Only 5,000 or so Elegantes were build this year but the special edition would remain for future seasons.


Seville history

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